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Jennifer was an ambitious young entrepreneur, always looking for the next big thing. After a successful career in perfume accessories, she decided to make a change and pursue her passion of making products that would make people’s lives easier. She founded Feimam Daily Products Co., Ltd in 2018 with the goal of providing reliable phone chargers and accessories at competitive prices.

It wasn’t easy starting up the business but thanks to hard work and dedication, it eventually flourished into a thriving company. Our success was due largely in part to their commitment to quality: each product underwent rigorous testing before being shipped out, ensuring peak performance every time. Before long, customers began pouring in both domestically and internationally as word spread about Feimam’s excellent service and products.

Feimam quickly became one of the leading providers of PD phone chargers known for our dependable performance along with excellent customer service. If you are looking for reliable mobile phone fast chargers manufacturer in China, please do contact us.

What Customers Say

Three years ago, we began working with Jennifer at Feimam to provide us with phone accessories. The 10 days lead time they offer has been a huge convenience and timesaver compared to other suppliers whose frustrating purchasing experiences had left us wanting more. I looking forward for an even closer cooperation in the future!

Miss Ivy and her team at Feimam are fantastic to work with! Either small or large order, they helped me a lot. Their phone chargers are all of high quality materials, I cooperate with them for all our phone chargers and phone accessories orders, and they helped me a lot for other business too.

Since 2019, Feimam has been a reliable partner for my business – providing impeccably crafted phone chargers at unbeatable prices. The cooperation between us has allowed my company to experience triple the growth despite the disruption caused by COVID-19.

I am a customer of Feimam and wish to highly recommend them to anyone seeking reliable phone charger factory. They offer high quality products, affordable price as well as fast delivery.

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