Top Rated Cell Phone USB Quick Charger til LG V40 ThinQ

Top rated cell phone type C quick charger for LG V40 ThinQ comes with built-in over voltage, under voltage, and short-circuit protection so you can charge your LC mobile phone at ease.

In addition, the charger can be used for tablets and all smart devices that charge via USB.

These devices include smartphones and digital cameras, portable speakers or other mobile devices.

If you are looking for fast chargers and usb wall charging, please email at

Tekniske specifikationer

Udgangsspænding: DC: 5V/9V/12V

Udgangseffekt: 18W

Indgangsspænding: AC100-240V

Output-tilstand: USB

Udgangsspænding/strøm: 5V3A / 9V2A / 12V1,5A

Arbejdseffektivitet: 80%-90%

Indgangsfrekvens: 50~ 60HZ

Justering af udgangsspænding: 5%

Arbejdstemperatur: 0~ +40°C

Opbevaring: Temperatur: -20°C ~ +80°C

Udgangsbølger: s200VP-P

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