5V1A USB Charger

5V1A USB Charger

Compact size and lightweight design, built-in IC chips protect the device from short-circuiting.

Suitable for barber clippers charger, routers charger, torches charger, desk lamps charger, baby monitors charger, breast pumps charger, medical instruments charger, beauty instruments charger, eye masks charger, aroma diffuser chargers, humidifiers charger, health products charger, electromagnetic chargers, plant lights charger and other equipment charger.

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Technical Specifications

Output voltage: DC: 5V

Output power: 5W

Input voltage: AC100-240V

Output mode:   USB

Output voltage/ Current: 5V1A

Work Efficiency: 80%-90%

Input Frequency: 50~ 60HZ

Output Voltage Adjustment: 5%

Working Temperature:  0~ +40°C

Storage: Temperature:  -20°C ~ +80°C

Output Ripple:  s200VP-P

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