Military Grade 18W Adaptive Fast Wall Charger for Vivo Y21, Y21S

Military grade 18W adaptive fast wall charger for Vivo Y21, Y21S can charge your vivo Y21 in a very short time. It has different types of ports so you can charge it with different devices.

With fast charging technology you can charge your phone fast in just 30 minutes. The fast charging Technology that allows your phone to charge faster than usual without draining its battery life.

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Technical Specifications

Output voltage: DC: 5V/9V/12V

Output power: 18W

Input voltage: AC100-240V

Output mode:  USB

Output voltage /Current: 5V3A / 9V2A

Work Efficiency: 80%-90%

Input Frequency: 50~ 60HZ

Output Voltage Adjustment: 5%

Working Temperature:  0~ +40°C

Storage: Temperature:  -20°C ~ +80°C

Output Ripple:  s200VP-P

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