Carregador super-rápido com certificação CE FCC PSE KC para Huawei Nova 10 Pro

CE FCC PSE KC certified super fast charger for Huawei Nova 10 Pro built-in smart chip which can identify your device and give the fastest possible charging speed up to 2.4A. The AC/DC adapter can be used as a global power sources, 100V-240V input voltage range will make your travel more convenient. You will not worry about being out of battery when sudden need appears.

Shenzhen Feimam Daily Products Co., Ltd is looking forward to be your reliable USB wall charger supplier and will try our best to make you satisfied. Please let us know if you have any questions or your requirement. We will reply as soon as possible

Especificações técnicas

Tensão de saída: DC: 5V

Potência de saída: 10W

Tensão de entrada: AC100-240V

Modo de saída: USB

Tensão/ corrente de saída: 5V2A

Eficiência de trabalho: 80%-90%

Frequência de entrada: 50~ 60HZ

Ajuste da Tensão de Saída: 5%

Temperatura de trabalho: 0~ +40°C

Armazenamento: Temperatura: -20°C ~ +80°C

Ondulação de saída: s200VP-P

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